Cromos Pharma manages both single- and multi-center phase I-IV trials and bioequivalence studies in a wide range of therapeutic areas.

Our project management teams are proactive, with efficient communication across the spectrum. Responsibilities, processes and reporting lines are clearly defined at a very early stage of each project. With every study, we appoint an experienced Project Manager (PM) with in-depth knowledgein the study field and this PM acts as a primary liaison for the Sponsor ensuring your study receives absolute priority, that all timelines are managed to schedule, quality is maintained, appropriate training is delivered and the budget is adhered to.

We employ only experienced physicians to monitor our clinical trials. They are citizens of respective countries, fluent in English, have intricate knowledge of the local medical community and intricate knowledge of its medical practices and standards.

Our CRAs have undergone extensive training to ensure comprehensive adherence to ICH GCP standards and have at least 3 years industry-related experience.

While working with us you can be assured that the lead CRA assigned to your study will manage all site-related activities from initial RFP through to close out. It is extremely rare in Cromos Pharma for a CRA to be replaced once the study starts, an industry metric that we are very proud of. A keystone policy within Cromos Pharma is to keep the same CRA for the lifetime of the study which ultimately benefits the Sponsor and the study.

Cromos has dedicated staff available 24/7 to reply to study inquiries and to support our Sponsors and Investigators. If you are interested in any of our clinical research or regulatory services, please feel free to contact our Business Development team.