Cromos Pharma offers a full range of clinical data management and biostatistics services via long-established, trusted and validated partners from European Union and USA.

Clinical data management

  • Case Report Form (CRF) development/validation
  • Customized database design/validation
  • Data entry screen design/validation
  • Double data entry
  • Programming under SAS
  • Data validation (manual check, computerized edit checks, medical expertise)
  • Data listings
  • Presenting data in the format & structure convenient for the client
  • Data transfers
  • Data coding


  • Study design consultation
  • Study protocol development
  • Informed Consent Form preparation
  • Sample size calculation
  • Randomization code list generation
  • Statistical analysis plan development
  • Statistical analysis programs development and validation
  • Statistical analysis conduct
  • Generation of customized tables, graphs, and data listings
  • Statistical interpretation of study results
  • Mining of study results descriptions in medical narratives
  • Study report writing
  • Assistance in preparation of study results for presentations
  • Assistance in manuscript preparation
    • If you are interested in outsourcing clinical data management and biostatistics services, please contact our Business Development team.