Conducting Clinical Trials in Poland

With high levels of patient recruitment, an established framework for conducting clinical trials, a large population of skilled clinical professionals and reputation for producing high quality data Poland remains an attractive site for international sponsors. Recent moves to establish a more streamlined approach to regulatory approval and initiatives to promote patient participation in clinical research have further strengthened Poland’s position in the clinical trials sector. Read Cromos Pharma's profile of Clinical Trial in Poland here. If you would like to find out more about how Cromos Pharma can help you with your clinical trials in Poland email:


Clinical trial of RPH-104 in acute ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction: Design and Rationale

Read the article in the Journal of Translational Medicine co-authored by Dr Vlad Bogin about the study design and its rationale here


Georgia: A hidden gem for conducting clinical trials

With its rapid regulatory approval process, significant naïve populations in a range of therapeutic areas, skilled medical personnel and a conducive economic environment for doing business Georgia is regarded as a hidden gem for those interested in initiating novel studies and rescue trials.

Clinical trials in Ukraine: Country Profile

In our latest country profile we are featuring the advantages of locating your next clinical trial in Ukraine. Cromos Pharma began working in Ukraine in 2006 and established a representative office in Kyiv in 2008. Since then, our highly experienced team in Ukraine has managed dozens of clinical projects supporting leading international pharma companies.

Rare Disease Drug Development

It is increasingly recognized that while each rare disease may affect a small number of individuals the collective burden of rare or orphan diseases is a major global healthcare challenge. The World Economic Forum estimates that 475 million people worldwide are affected by a rare disease. To mark World Rare Disease Day (28 February 2021), in this article Stephanie Finnegan, Cromos Pharma’s COO, explores the opportunities and challenges for rare disease drug development.

Biosimilars: US and Europe

COVID-19 and its economic impacts have only strengthened the case for further developing a sustainable global biosimilars market. In this Insights@CromosPharma paper we explore the development of the European biosimilar market and contrast this with the US. We also look at the key challenges and opportunities facing biosimilar developers.
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