Our team of experts regularly publishes insights and analysis on some of the most topical subjects relating to clinical trials. In addition our team contributes country profiles that are designed to familiarize potential sponsors with the advantages of some of the venues Cromos Pharma has extensive expertise in. Other papers cover regulatory subjects including updates from the FDA and EMA. In 2020, we launched a new Insights@CromosPharma series featuring some of the latest trends in the clinical trials space as well as exploring some pioneering clinical technologies and techniques relevant to the industry. If you have any questions or comments please contact our team at inquiry@cromospharma.com.

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Cromos Pharma on why Central and Eastern Europe are the hottest locations for clinical trials

Cromos Pharma's CEO Vlad Bogin explains why Central and Eastern Europe are the hottest locations for clinical trials. This presentation was prepared for OCT Eastern Europe (June 15 2021). Email bd@cromospharma.com to set up a meeting to discuss your clinical trial needs.

Simple Math for Clinical Trial Success

Want to try out some simple math with Cromos Pharma? Watch our brand new video showing how we can help you achieve #clinicaltrial success. Find out more by emailing bd@cromospharma.com 

Clinical Trials in Georgia

With its rapid regulatory approval process, significant naïve populations in a range of therapeutic areas, skilled medical personnel and a conducive economic environment for doing business Georgia is regarded as a hidden gem for those interested in initiating novel studies and rescue trials. 

Clinical trials in Ukraine

In our latest country profile we are featuring the advantages of locating your next clinical trial in Ukraine. Cromos Pharma began working in Ukraine in 2006 and established a representative office in Kyiv in 2008. Since then, our highly experienced team in Ukraine has managed dozens of clinical projects supporting leading international pharma companies.
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