First patients enrolled in Cromos Pharma managed Covid-19 trial

Cromos Pharma is proud to be part of the global search for effective COVID-19 treatments. Today we are pleased to announce the enrollment of the first patients in clinical trials designed to be find drugs to treat the symptoms of coronavirus. “We are honored and humbled to have been enlisted to run clinical trials aimed

European Medicines Agency launches new regulatory science strategy

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) recently (31 March 2020) published its Regulatory Science Strategy to 2025.The strategy provides a plan for advancing regulatory science over the next five years, covering both human and veterinary medicines. The EMA said that the COVID-19 crisis only further underlines the need for greater cooperation and engagement between partners and

Cromos Pharma to run COVID-19 trial

Cromos Pharma is pleased to announce that it has been enlisted to run a clinical trial of a repurposed drug candidate to treat COVID-19. “We are humbled and honored to provide our expertise and our services for the trial that aims to reduce the symptoms of severe COVID-19 pneumonia and ARDS,” said Dr. Vlad Bogin,