Clinical trial rescue

15 February 2011

Moscow, Russia (February 15, 2011) —Cromos Pharma, LLC—announced today that it was joining forces with two other Russian companies in creating a strategic alliance – 3C Alliance, that will provide unprecedented scope of services on the Russian clinical trials market.

Cromos Pharma, LLC – a full service CRO with operations in Russia and in Ukraine, Clinical Trial Support, LLC – service provider in customs clearance, study equipment leasing, study legal support, patient transfers and clinical trial translation, and Clinical Research Solutions, LLC – a local depot and courier service, specializing in clinical trials rescue, have formed an alliance that they called 3C Alliance. The purpose of 3C Alliance is to provide an all-inclusive service to pharmaceutical companies and CROs operating on the Russian market.

“The Alliance will make running clinical trials in Russia a totally different experience. This is the first one-stop-shop that will address all of Sponsor’s needs, starting from regulatory approvals and clinical trial monitoring and continuing with logistical support of importation of study materials, warehousing and distribution,” said Dr. Vladimir Bogin, CEO of Cromos Pharma, LLC. “It is not always easy to navigate in the Russian landscape and you need a reliable partner that is capable of addressing every aspect of a clinical trial rescue,” continued Dr. Bogin.

3C Alliance will offer its clients a unified electronic system that will give a real time assessment of all aspects of trial’s status. There will also be a single trial coordinator responsible for all trial-related needs.

Clinical trial rescue

customs clearance for clinical trials in Russia

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