Cromos Pharma celebrating 15 years of excellence in clinical research

24 October 2019

CEO statement for website

“We here at Cromos Pharma are delighted to be celebrating 15 years of excellence in clinical research.

It is hard to believe just how far Cromos Pharma has come in these 15 years. What started as an idea between two colleagues to create a company that could help develop innovative new medical products and treatments has grown into a dynamic international CRO with over 120 employees.

From small beginnings in one modest office, Cromos Pharma has grown both in size and reach. To date, we have conducted more than 250 clinical trials that touched the lives of over 15000 patients.

Today, Cromos Pharma has an extensive network of offices across 15 countries. These include Russia, Ukraine, Georgia and locations across Central and Eastern Europe including Hungary, Poland and Czech Republic. By moving our European HQ to Dublin, Ireland and establishing a strong US base the company has extended far beyond its regional beginnings and in the process has entirely transformed.

At the heart of Cromos Pharma’s development is a highly skilled and deeply committed team. They work tirelessly to expertly serve the needs of our valued clients. I can say that we are privileged to work with such a staff and that they will be central in further growth of Cromos Pharma.

Throughout our growth and expansion, our core vision has remained the same- accelerating the development of novel medicines and treatments that save lives.  Patients remain at the core of Cromos Pharma’s mission.

As we celebrate 15 years, Cromos Pharma finds itself at a very exciting point in its development. With our growing US presence, we are poised to further our US client base and with our robust Dublin HQ we look forward to developing within Europe and beyond.

Cromos Pharma is ready to take our regional expertise and bring it to the next level, offering clients the great advantages of running trials in CIS and Eastern European countries while satisfying international regulations and standards.

We look forward to the next 15 years, as Cromos Pharma grows from a strong regional player to an even stronger global CRO!”

Vlad Bogin and Andrey Tarakanov

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