Cromos™ Pharma launches Corium Research, a premier dermatology site research organization

18 November 2014

Moscow, Russia--(Marketwired – 18 Novebmer 2014) - Cromos™ Pharma, an international full-service CRO announced today that it launched Corium Research, a state of the art dermatology site research organization (SRO) comprised of 24 specialized dermatology medical centers and clinics in Moscow, Russia.

"Corium Research is an organic addition to the scope of services that are being provided by Cromos™ Pharma," said Dr. Vlad Bogin, MD, FACP, company's CEO. "We've collaborated with each institution in the past, have built strong working relationships with its investigators and can attest to their patient oriented approach, clinical professionalism, the scientific rigor and quality of their trial data. All 24 research institutions operate as a single legal entity, thus optimizing trial-related logistics, accelerating study start-up times and patient enrollment rates, simplifying administrative processes and reducing overall study costs. "

"Corium Research patient base of over 11 million makes it one of the largest dermatology site research organizations in the world," added Dr. Andrey Tarakanov, MD, Cromos™ Pharma's Managing Director. "Company's unique positioning, focus, and vast study naïve patient base translates into an unprecedented opportunity to rapidly accelerate clinical research in dermatology. "Cromos™ Pharma, the parent organization,  will provide administrative, logistical and project management support, quality assurance training  and oversight services for Corium Research.

About Cromos™ Pharma, LLC

Cromos™ Pharma, LLC is a contract research organization (CRO) with operations in the post-Soviet space and in Eastern/Central Europe. The company provides a full spectrum of trial-related services which include regulatory approvals, medical writing, feasibility assessments, monitoring, project management and warehousing. Cromos™ Pharma, LLC is a privately owned company

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