1. Unique risk sharing program: "No Patients - No Payments"
    Rapid enrollment is supported by “No patients – no payments” initiative which assures that client reimburses Cromos Pharma only for enrolled patients and not for dormant, non-recruiting sites. To learn more please watch this video
  2. Rapid patient recruitment and high retention rates
    By analyzing the protocol design, standard of care and study population, as well as sites’ motivation to enroll, type of disease, subjects’ barriers to participate in studies, and competition for the population, we developed an active approach to resolving any issues related to subject recruitment and retention. Read more…
  3. Reliable feasibility & venue/site strategy
    Our experienced feasibility team will swiftly prepare a detailed capability/feasibility report and will propose the optimal path forward, including country/venue strategy- and site-selection within the recommended venues
  4. CPR: Capability → Plan → Rescue
    More than half of all studies fail to meet enrollment timelines, according to analyses of registry information in the public domain. If your study is behind schedule or encounters difficulties with recruitment or retention of subjects, Cromos Pharma can provide comprehensive and collaborative rescue plans to ensure original investments yield a return and that studies are efficiently concluded. We offer the most rational and economic rescue plans to sponsor companies to ensure the best value proposition at every stage of the service
  5. Accelerated start-up
    Our team of experts has years of experience working with the FDA on the most complicated protocols. In the ex-US territories, with its favorable regulatory environment coupled with in-depth local knowledge of submission guidelines and algorithms assures that, depending upon the country, your study will be up and running within 8-20 weeks (from the date of document receipt from the Sponsor)
  6. Patients First
    The welfare of our patients is our first priority. We are fully compliant with ICH-GCP and make sure that patients in our studies are well-informed, and have a direct line of communication to both the investigators and to our research team
  7. Quality Management (Quality by Design – QBD)
    Our Quality Management System is built upon Quality by Design principles that include integrated planning, quality agreements tailored to the project, real-time project risk-based analysis, data analytics-driven targeted monitoring, and customer-focused project optimization