Celebrating Rare Disease Day 2024 | Cromos Pharma
Celebrating Rare Disease Day 2024 Today, on Rare Disease Day, we emphasize the importance of bringing attention to conditions that, though rare, affect millions around the world. A striking total of over 440 million people globally face these diseases, underlining the critical need for increased advocacy and decisive action. Currently, the world benefits from the availability of over 500 drugs Read more
Clinical Research Focus 25th edition | Cromos Pharma
Clinical Research Focus. 25th Edition J.P. Morgan’s Healthcare Conference: A Glimpse into the Optimistic Pulse of 2024 The biopharmaceutical industry, emerged from 2023’s continued downturn in finance deals and mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and showcased resilience and determination at the 2024 J.P. Morgan Conference. Notable M&A deals were heralded, signifying if not a recovery, at least a beacon of hope Read more
The FDA’s Latest Guidance on Human Genome Editing | Cromos Pharma
Navigating the Future of Gene Therapy In January 2024, the FDA issued a guidance document, outlining critical considerations in the clinical development of CRISPR/CAS9 drug candidates. This guidance addresses the nuanced challenges associated with the development of human gene-edited (GE) products, placing particular emphasis on mitigating risks linked to both the gene therapy product itself and the gene editing process. Key Read more
Regulatory Updates and Simplified Processes in Türkiye | Cromos Pharma
Türkiye’s Emerging Role in Clinical Research: Regulatory Updates and Simplified Processes With a population exceeding 85 million and a robust, comprehensive healthcare infrastructure, Türkiye has quietly established itself as an undiscovered treasure in the field of clinical research. With a relatively low per capita number of clinical trials and a substantial pool of treatment-naive patients, Türkiye is witnessing a surge in engagement from biotech and pharma Read more