Clinical Trials in Kazakhstan – Country Profile for 2022

There are many benefits to conducting clinical research in Kazakhstan, its strategic location being one of them. Kazakhstan is a transcontinental country located between Europe and Central Asia; it’s health demographics draw influence from both continents. This is one reason why more and more healthcare organizations are becoming interested in this nation as a venue

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Biostatistics in Clinical Trials

There is this longstanding notion that biostatisticians are only helpful towards the latter part of a clinical study; that is a complete fallacy. The role that biostatistics play in medical research spans the entire process: from building study designs to data analysis. Given the huge responsibility shouldered by biostatistics in clinical trials, it is essential

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Clinical Research Focus. 8th Edition

How To Improve Patient Recruitment in Clinical Trials? One of the single most important aspects of a successful clinical trial is patient recruitment. It is estimated that up to 50% of clinical trials miss patient recruitment deadlines, and up to 20% fail to recruit a single patient, costing pharmaceutical companies millions in the process. The

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IRB Submission of Drugs

Medical research, especially in the field of drug discovery, does not stop at laboratory experiments. Newly synthesized drugs need to be tested on volunteers – actual people – before they can be mass-produced and sold as products to the market. The conduct of human-based research is very sensitive, which is why such studies are subject

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