CTM Logistics

Icon, clinical trials in central & easter europe

With our partners’ depots network across Central and Eastern Europe, we can offer an unprecedented scope of services in logistical support for your clinical program.

  • Ambient / refrigerated / frozen storage with 24/7 temperature control
  • Zoned storage
  • Controlled access to storage areas
  • 24/7 receipt of IMP and CTM
  • Own patented warehouse database program
  • General liability insurance and property insurance
  • Experience in working with IVRS
  • Compliance with ISO 9001:2015 & Standard Operating Procedures
  • Courier service dedicated to clinical trials
  • Network of couriers in more than 100 cities, with personal knowledge of site staff, allowing face-to-face delivery
  • On-time distribution of IMP and other study supplies
  • Online shipment tracking database
  • Expedited delivery into remote regions within 12-30 hours
  • Validated containers for cold chain distribution
  • Packaging solutions
  • Temperature control during transportation by validated devices (TT4, Libero)

The purchase of comparators for a clinical trial is not always a straightforward task. Cromos Pharma has direct contracts with Pharma companies that allow our clients the following:

  • Original drugs from manufacturers with guaranteed quality
  • Discounted prices
  • Fast delivery directly to the sites or to client’s depot

Cromos Pharma has over 18 years of experience in managing all aspects of clinical trials across a range of therapeutic areas. With operations in the US, Central and Eastern Europe we combine global expertise with profound local market knowledge to deliver end to end solutions supporting our pharma and biotech clients.