Autism week 2023, autism acceptance, treatment and statistics
World Autism Acceptance Week 2023 Autism Acceptance Week is an annual event held March 27- April 2 in 2023. It aims to raise awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and promote the acceptance and inclusion of individuals on the autism spectrum. This event is also an opportunity for biotech and pharma companies to showcase their work in ASD research and
clinical trials in Ukraine, interview with CEO
The Current State of Clinical Trials in Ukraine Cromos Pharma’s CEO, Dr. Vlad Bogin, was interviewed by Scrip Pharma Intelligence on the current state of clinical trials in Ukraine. Please read more here. Cromos Pharma in Ukraine Cromos Pharma has been conducting clinical trials in Ukraine since 2006 and established its representative office in Kyiv in 2008. Since then, our highly experienced team in
Free Feasibility, Free Feasibility Report, Multicountry Free Feasibility Report
Cromos Pharma’s Free Multicountry Feasibility Report We invite you to take advantage of Cromos Pharma’s Free Multicountry Feasibility Report for your ongoing or upcoming clinical trial. You will get: Competitive trials landscape Review of local standards of care Historical recruitment analysis Regulatory requirements and timelines Realistic recruitment projections. The accuracy of Cromos Pharma’s Multicountry Report is backed by its proprietary “No