Cromos™ Pharma at a glance
Office in Poland
In March 2019 Cromos Pharma opened a new office in Warsaw, Poland. The opening of the new office strengthened Cromos Pharma’s position in Poland where it has been operational since 2015.
Operations in North America
With a new clinical operations base in South Florida, Cromos is geographically poised to better serve US and international clients who seek FDA approval and access to North, Central and South America
Operations in Kazakhstan
Cromos Pharma has launched its first clinical trials in Kazakhstan, an emerging clinical trial destination in Central Asia. Read more
Operations in Armenia
Cromos™ Pharma started to provide clinical trials services in Armenia, an unsaturated area for clinical research
Office in Hungary
Further geographic presence expanding included opening a representative office in Budapest, Hungary. Read more
Launch of referral site network
By analyzing study population, sites’ motivation to enroll, type of disease, subjects’ barriers to participation in the studies, we developed a comprehensive system of recruitment optimization. Read more
Operations in Poland
The start of operations in Poland allowed Cromos™ Pharma to enter one of the most prominent Eastern European clinical trials markets
Office in Czech Republic
Successful initiation of two studies in Czech Republic lead to increase in headcount of people and opening of an office in Prague. Read more
Operations in Romania
Cromos™ Pharma's presence expanded further to Europe with starting operations in Romania and strengthened its presence in the region
Operations in Czech Republic
Cromos™ Pharma announced the launch of operations in Czech Republic
Operations in Slovakia
Including Slovak sites into an international phase III study in NSCLC marked the beginning of Cromos™ Pharma's high grade operations in this country
Operations in Bulgaria
Following Cromos™ Pharma's strategy on georgaphical expansion operations in Bulgaria were started with an arterial hypertension trial
Operations in Israel
Initiation of operations in Israel is an opportunity to expand Cromos™ Pharma's capabilities in running cutting-edge pharmaceutical and medical device trials. Read more
Operations in Moldova
Cromos™ Pharma initiated operations in Moldova
Office in Georgia
Cromos™ Pharma opened an office in the capital city of Tbilisi and started to provide full service support for clinical trials in Georgia. Read more
Headquarters moved to Ireland
Cromos™ Pharma's headquarters moved to Dublin, Ireland from Portland, Oregon, the USA as a part of the company further growth strategy in EU market
Operations in Belarus
The positive legislative changes towards clinical research allowed Cromos™ Pharma expand its geography and start operations in Belarus with a successful conduct of an international multicentre trial in patients with angina pectoris. Read more
Operations in Estonia
Cromos™ Pharma started operations in Estonia by succesfully participating in an international multicentre study in chronic heart failure
Second office in Russia (Smolensk)
After several steady years of expansion the second office in Russia in the city of Smolensk was established
Operations in Latvia
Cromos™ Pharma started operations in Latvia with initiation of studies in dermatology
Operations in Lithuania
Cromos™ Pharma continues to strengthen its market presence by starting activities in Lithuania
Office in Ukraine
After two years of successful growth of operations in Ukraine Cromos™ Pharma opened an office and registered a local legal entity
Operations in Ukraine
Soon after starting of operations in Russia, Cromos™ Pharma added Ukraine to clinical programs which significantly influenced the overall growth of the company and increased the patient recruitment level
Office in Russia (Moscow)
The first European office of Cromos™ Pharma has been established in Moscow, Russia
Cromos™ Pharma was founded in 2004 in Portland, Oregon, the USA