Cromos Pharma begins operations in Kazakhstan

Cromos Pharma begins operations in Kazakhstan

Cromos™ Pharma, a premier full service regional contract research organization (CRO) announced that it has begun operations in Kazakhstan. The company has initiated three phase III trials in the region with the fourth study nearing finalization of the prelaunch phase.

“Kazakhstan is an uncharted territory for most clinical trial organizations and as such it epitomizes both a tremendous potential of tapping into a large drug-naïve population and the risks associated with limited local understanding of how to conduct clinical trials,” said Dr. Vlad Bogin, CEO of Cromos™ Pharma. “Thus, we have been extremely diligent in selecting the most advanced, well-equipped medical centers with seasoned physicians and support staff. We are employing our own CRAs to run these first trials while providing comprehensive training to local providers and support personnel.”

Kazakhstan’s healthcare system is very conducive for clinical trial conduct. While the country offers free healthcare, its coverage is often limited, which is a strong driver of patients’ enrollment and compliance. The country has emblematic for the post-Soviet bloc centralized medical care delivery where specialty medical centers receive all complex patients, thus vastly simplifying the recruitment process. And lastly, there is a significant interest on the part of investigators who are eager to participate in clinical trials for both scientific and financial reasons.

About Cromos™ Pharma, LLC:

Cromos™ Pharma, LLC is a contract research organization (CRO) with operations in the post-Soviet space and in Eastern/Central Europe. The company provides a full spectrum of trial-related services which include clinical monitoring, regulatory approvals, medical writing, feasibility assessments, project management and warehousing. Cromos™ Pharma, LLC is a privately owned company.



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