Premier US CRO with strong presence in C&E Europe
Cromos™ Pharma is a US-based, international CRO that specializes in managing global and regional Clinical Phase I-IV clinical trials in North America, Central/Eastern Europe and in the post-Soviet states
As project managers, our "summa cum laude" MDs and PhDs don't just flawlessly adhere to a study protocol, they appreciate the science behind it. By choosing Cromos™ Pharma you get an unwavering guarantee that your project will be handled by the "A-team"
Wide geographical coverage that guarantees rapid enrollment
Cromos™ Pharma has a strong presence in the US, Eastern Europe (Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Slovakia) and post-soviet Europe (Armenia, Belarus, Geоrgia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine). Cromos™ Pharma has a proven track record of rapid patient recruitment and retention that often significantly exceeds other geography

Our Key Differentiators

"No Patients - No Payments"
Rapid enrollment is supported by “No patients – no payments” initiative which assures that client reimburses Cromos Pharma only for enrolled patients and not for dormant, non-recruiting sites
Rapid patient recruitment and retention
By analyzing the protocol design, standard of care and study population, as well as sites’ motivation to enroll, type of disease, subjects’ barriers to participate in studies, and competition for the population, we developed an active approach to resolving any issues related to subject recruitment and retention
Reliable feasibility and venue/site strategy
Our experienced feasibility team will swiftly prepare a detailed capability/feasibility report and will propose the optimal path forward, including country/venue strategy- and site-selection within the recommended venues
CPR: Capability → Plan → Rescue
If your study is behind schedule or encounters difficulties with recruitment or retention of subjects, Cromos Pharma can provide comprehensive and collaborative rescue plans to ensure original investments yield a return and that studies are efficiently concluded
Accelerated start-up
Our team of experts has years of experience working with the FDA on the most complicated protocols. In the ex-US territories, with its favorable regulatory environment coupled with in-depth local knowledge of submission guidelines and algorithms assures that, depending upon the country, your study will be up and running within 8-20 weeks
Patients First
The welfare of our patients is our first priority. We are fully compliant with ICH-GCP and make sure that patients in our studies are well-informed, and have a direct line of communication to both the investigators and to our research team
Quality Management (Quality by Design)
Our Quality Management System is built upon Quality by Design principles that include integrated planning, quality agreements tailored to the project, real-time project risk-based analysis, data analytics-driven targeted monitoring, and customer-focused project optimization

OUR Mission

At Cromos™ Pharma our philosophy is simple – our patients and clients come first. We strive to assist our clients in advancement of their clinical development programs in order to improve the lives of our patients. Over the past 14 years we have fine-tuned our business model to reflect validated best practices from the most highly regulated venues, which we have carefully tailored to suit local environments. We are proud of our project managers who have terminal medical degrees, because they not only adhere flawlessly to study protocols, but they also appreciate the science behind them. By choosing Cromos™ Pharma you get an unwavering guarantee that your project will be handled by the "A-team" of our clinical research professionals. read more

Vlad Bogin, MD, FACP CEO


Christelle J. Project Manager, Big Pharma
Today I just wanted to give you a little feedback after several months of working together. Just 2 words: "THANK YOU!!!"
For the time we have worked together, I notice the efforts to respond to any of... Read more
Isabelle D. Project Manager, Orphan drug company
I would like to thank Cromos team for their effort in completing study enrolment within our designated timelines in this complicated rare disease study!
Mark J. Director of Clinical Operations, Biotech
Based on my experience, Cromos Pharma's patient recruitment concept really works – Cromos rescued enrollment in my study in melanoma and I am pleased to say "Thanks" to all members of the team, especially... Read more
Mary N. Global Project Manager, Pharma
I would mention your CRAs Irena M. and Alex A. who did a great job, were very proactive and we got good feedback on their performance from the sites as well.
John M. Chief Executive Officer, Biotech
I have been impressed with the proactivity and the desire to get things done that has been shown by each one of the Cromos Pharma team with whom I have interacted. My experience with Cromos Pharma has certainly been... Read more
Marc T. Chief Medical Officer, Biotech
Thank you for wrapping up the study on time. I want to say that your team did an exceptional work and we would not hesitate to use Cromos again in our future studies. Great job!
Dalyana K. Clinical Operations Manager, Big Pharma
I would like to recognize Cromos Pharma's team for its outstanding work and to express my sincere gratitude.
Thank you for your help during the FDA inspection. You have displayed admirable characteristics... Read more
Irene C. Medical Affairs Manager, Mid-sized Pharma
I want to thank you for your work on the XXXX study. It is very important to our top management that we have met the timelines. I am sure that in many respects it is a credit to Helen S. I was touched by Helen’s... Read more
Joanne R. Project Manager, US-based CRO
It is a pleasure to work with all of you at Cromos Pharma, This is our largest project together and you have outperformed yourselves again. We just got a word from the sponsor that they are extremely pleased with both... Read more
Elena D. Project Manager, Pharma
I would like to extend my appreciation to the clinical team and medical writer who did a great job during close-out period of the study. This allowed us to perform all necessary procedures and collect all required... Read more
Nicola S. Clinical Trial Manager, Big Pharma
I would like to thank XXXX study team for concerted efforts during start-up and enrollment. Our study-wide enrollment target was achieved ahead of timelines and your country was the first which did it!!!
Lee M. Start-up Manager, Pharma
I was very impressed with the feasibility team, which managed to identify more than enough sites to enroll our study in a very rare pathology. And additional thanks for collecting all required documents from sites in... Read more