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Cromos Pharma Solidifies Its Operational Presence in Türkiye, Kazakhstan and Serbia

Portland, OR, September 20, 2022 (EINPresswire)

Cromos Pharma, a US-based international CRO with strong presence in Central and Eastern Europe today announced its ambitious expansion plans.

The company is strengthening its presence in Turkiye, Kazakhstan and Serbia by establishing local legal entities, opening full scale offices, and increasing the local staff presence. The company plans to use its office in Serbia as a regional hub that will oversee operations in the Balkan countries, including Croatia and Bulgaria.

“We have already had significant footprint in these countries where we have contracted staff and utilize our vast remote capabilities,” said Vlad Bogin, MD, FACP, CEO and founder of Cromos Pharma. “As an organically growing company we believe that we have reached a critical operational mass that calls for an expanded presence,” he continued. “Turkiye, Kazakhstan and Serbia are becoming important players in the ever-expanding international clinical trial geographic framework. They have untapped recruitment potential, ethnic diversity, and growing experience in clinical research,” concluded Dr. Bogin.

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