It all Starts with the Protocol

A well-designed study protocol is paramount to ensuring the success of a clinical trial, and therefore should be approached with utmost consideration. Here, we will show you what a strong study protocol is comprised of and will give you the necessary framework for writing efficacious protocols in the future. More than just instruction manuals, protocols

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Cromos Pharma Names New Country Head in Poland

Cromos Pharma is happy to introduce Bozena “Bona” Sasorska as the new Country Head in Poland.  Bona as a clinical research professional has a comprehensive and demonstrated understanding of the entire drug development process. With over 25 five years of clinical development Project Management, Operations and Monitoring experience in the United States and Europe working with the largest Global

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Reaping the benefits of eCONSENT for clinical trials

Clinical research is made possible because patient volunteers give their consent to participate in clinical trials. Informed consent is an essential part of enrolling patients in a clinical trial.  Through the consent process a potential participant receives all the information they need about their role in the clinical trial.   eCONSENT While in the past consent was acquired

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