Cromos Pharma Names New Country Head in Poland, bozeba sasorska

Cromos Pharma Names New Country Head in Poland

Cromos Pharma is happy to introduce Bozena “Bona” Sasorska as the new Country Head in Poland. 

Bona as a clinical research professional has a comprehensive and demonstrated understanding of the entire drug development process. With over 25 five years of clinical development Project Management, Operations and Monitoring experience in the United States and Europe working with the largest Global Pharma Companies. 

Work experience 

Bona started her career as a Staff Research Associate at University of California Los Angeles. During her tenure she was often sought out by Merck, Glaxo, Pfizer and others for her practical approach contributing to the success of their programs. She then made a natural transition to Pharma where she gained experience at both sponsor companies and in the CRO space. 

For a period of time, to better understand the inner workings of CROs, Bona took middle management and senior management roles across a variety of CROs. These experiences including the needs of post marketing objectives continued to help engage in a people oriented business model. This resulted in improving the overall quality of work, and productivity of the clinical program. 

Country head role 

At Cromos Pharma Bona will be responsible for leading our high-performing and growing CRO team. Additionally, she will be establishing new customer relationships and coordinating regional project activity.

Clinical trials in Poland

Amidst the current state of the world, the Polish market has increased its attractiveness for Clinical research trials. Poland is the biggest Clinical trials market in Europe with an average start-up period of 2.5 months. Cromos Pharma has been working extensively on cultivating the patient base & setting up the needed presence in this country to be the world-best clinical research organization in Poland. Now, Bona is going to work on developing this market even further.

“The understanding of the needs of all parties within the drug discovery sector built on personalized attention to each client is the key to our success in Poland and elsewhere,” said Bona Sasorska.

We are confident that Bona’s vast experience and expertise in the CRO and Pharma space will enable her to achieve great results in the Polish market. We wish Bona lots of professional success in her new role!

If you are interested in Poland as a location for clinical research in Europe, we have recently published the statistical data on Polish clinical trial market.


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