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To support advancing medical knowledge and improving patient outcomes, Cromos Pharma offers a wide range of services and expertise tailored to the specific needs of urology studies

Cromos Pharma’s staff has expertise in a wide range of urological conditions, including prostate cancer, bladder cancer, nephrolithiasis, urinary incontinence, erectile dysfunction, and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). We are ready to provide support for studies involving drugs, biologics, medical devices, and combination products. We can also assist with studies involving imaging, biomarkers, and patient-reported outcomes.

We provide services related to study design, site selection, patient recruitment, data management, and regulatory compliance. We perform project management, site monitoring, medical writing, and quality assurance.

Cromos Pharma has significant expertise in working with electronic patient-reported outcome measures (ePROs) and other clinical endpoints. ePROs are important tools for assessing the effectiveness of treatments and improving patient care. Cromos Pharma works with researchers to adapt existing ePROs for use in urology studies and to develop and new ones.

Urology studies often involve imaging endpoints, such as tumor volume measurements, which require specialized expertise. We are experts in the studies that include advanced imaging techniques such as MRI, CT, and ultrasound.

Cromos Pharma’s specialized knowledge and experience can help researchers to design and execute studies more efficiently and effectively, leading to better outcomes for patients. With the growing importance of urological research, we strive to play a critical role in advancing medical knowledge and improving patient care.

Our urology experience includes:
    • Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
    • Chronic Prostatitis
    • Colovesicular fistulas
    • Erectile Dysfunction
    • Nephrolithiasis
    • Prostate Cancer
    • Pyelonephritis
    • Renal Insufficiency
    • Urinary Tract Infection
Cromos Pharma Urology experience in the last five years
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Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) trial
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Why Cromos Pharma
  • We are the only CRO to offer “No Patients, No Payment” risk sharing program, where the sponsor pays only if we deliver on our milestones.
  • We have the scientific and clinical expertise to support your clinical studies, from early to late phase, from single- to multi-country execution strategies.
  • By leveraging our international expertise, we deliver unparalleled results through diligent feasibility analysis, rapid startup, and accelerated recruitment, while utilizing proactive risk management strategies and maintaining the highest data quality.
  • Our team has vast expertise in organizing scientific advisory board meetings of key opinion leaders, clinicians, and industry stakeholders.



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