Join Cromos™ Pharma at the 12th European Biosimilars Congress in Berlin, Germany on 15-16 April, 2019

Join Cromos™ Pharma at the 12th European Biosimilars Congress in Berlin, Germany on 15-16 April, 2019

Cromos™ Pharma’s Business Development Director, Tatiana Cherevatova, will attend the 12th European Biosimilars Congress which will take place 15-16 April 2019 in Berlin, Germany.

European Biosimilars Congress is a global annual event. In 2019 it will bring together scientists, researchers, business development managers, CEOs, directors, IP Attorneys, Regulatory Officials and CROs from around the world. Many biologics products are making their entry in the pharma market and experiencing a notable rise in their usage over the conventional medications. Thus, this biosimilars conference will focus on multiple aspects of biosimilars product development to successfully deliver safe, potential and efficacious biologic products to the market.

Cromos Pharma has vast global expertise in generics, follow-on, and biosimilar global studies having performed more than ten biosimilar trials for the last two years in breast cancer, psoriasis, ulcerative colitis, macular degeneration, etc. As an example, we are currently running a breast cancer biosimilar study in which the first patient in Eastern Europe was enrolled within less than 3 months after protocol finalization, and all the targeted 502 patients in 52 sites from 6 countries were enrolled within 6.5 months after the first patient in. If you are looking for a CRO to take the responsibility for your study we can offer a rapid recruitment of patients in a variety of therapeutic areas and extremely short startup times, the brilliant team mainly comprised of employees with doctor’s degrees and more than 5 years’ experience in clinical trials to care about your project and our unique “No patients = no payments” initiative.

We can meet in Berlin to discuss your trial, your current CRO’s needs or just to have a nice chat about biosimilars over a coffee. Please contact Tatiana directly to arrange a meeting.



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