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Connect with Cromos Pharma at the 40th JP Morgan Healthcare Conference

The JP Morgan Healthcare Conference is recognized as one of the largest and most anticipated life science industry events. In this article Cromos Pharma’s CEO Vlad Bogin gives his take on the importance of participating in this week.

You been attending for over 10 years – what has your experience been of the event thus far?

I cannot think of a more impactful event in the biotech world than the JPM Healthcare Conference. The concentration of C-level decision makers is unparallel. Every year in early January, San Francisco is overrun by executives that are there to present their companies and to network. The number of satellite events that coincide with the conference has also been growing exponentially.
This year JP Morgan will return to a live event format. How did you find the virtual experience of last year (due to COVID) compared with the regular format? Are you looking forward to getting back to in-person meetings? Any challenges or opportunities on offer in the in-person event?

While the organizers did an outstanding work in structuring the virtual agenda and made it very easy to navigate there is no substitute for in-person interactions. Thus, I very much look forward to returning to a live format. We have all been couped up for so long and I am sure that I am not alone who is eager to finally escape the captivity.

JP Morgan is a busy event requiring high energy throughout. What are the challenges with attending and getting in front of would-be partners?

San Francisco is a crazy place during the JPM week. The hotels are overbooked and expensive, the restaurants are full, and it is often difficult to find a quiet place to sit down and chat. The hotels charge exuberantly for their lobby space. Also, given the number of satellite events, you often have to hop from hotel to hotel. I probably walk more during this week than I do the rest of the year. I pray for good weather as running from place to place in the rain is not fun.

Do you have any notable experiences, “deals done” or key successes from previous events?

I believe that Cromos has met more clients and has done more deals at JPM conferences than at any other events combined. One of the most impressive examples was meeting a biotech company at the conference, signing a contract 2 weeks later and enrolling the first patient 3 months later.

Do you have any favorite parts of the event or memories you would like to share?

I have met a tremendous number of extraordinary people at this conference and have build lasting relationships and friendships with them. Apart from the most intense meeting schedules where I often met with over 20 people in a day, I thoroughly enjoy the after-hour gatherings that often take place at art galleries and museums. This is the most productive and enjoyable week of networking that I always look forward to.

What are your goals for Cromos Pharma’s participation at JP Morgan 2022?

This year the goals are somewhat different. After such a long hiatus I hope to have a chance to visit with my old friends and acquaintances, former and current clients. I am also looking forward to meeting new people and telling them about Cromos Pharma’s remarkable developments.


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