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Cromos Pharma at 40th JP Morgan Healthcare Conference

Meet with Cromos Pharma during the 40th JP Morgan Healthcare Conference, January 2022. Cromos Pharma is delighted to be participating again at this prestigious invite-only event

Let our experience benefit your next clinical program

Our mission is to support our partners in advancement of their clinical development programs that to improve the lives of the patients around the world. We look forward to sharing with you the advantages of partnering with Cromos Pharma including:

  • International expertise combined with in-depth regional knowledge in Central and Eastern Europe (300+ clinical trials conducted in 70+ indications). 
  • Extensive PI/site and patient network (40,000+ patients enrolled from nearly 2,500 trial sites).
  • Unparalleled patient recruitment – our team met or shortened project timelines in 95% of conducted trials.
  • Extremely short startup timelines (e.g. Georgia where we assure a study launch in less than 2 months).
  • Expertise in innovative, generics and biosimilar global studies (NDAs, ANDAs, BLAs, 505b2).
  • Regulatory inspections and audits that attest to the highest quality of data: EMA in 2019 (1-week oncology site inspection); FDA in 2017 (2-week oncology site inspection).
  • Clinical Development Strategy – we provide expert guidance on study design, favorable venues, local and global landscape to improve study outcomes.





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