Cromos Pharma charting new territories as it looks east to Uzbekistan

Cromos Pharma charting new territories as it looks east to Uzbekistan

Cromos Pharma is continuously developing and looking to explore new territories when it comes to clinical research. In line with this spirit of discovery, we will be shortly commencing a new project in Uzbekistan supporting a study being conducted by the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute. 

Large, ethnically diverse population

Uzbekistan with a population of just over 33.5 million is a location with good potential for clinical trial recruitment. Its population is very ethnically diverse with a large proportion of treatment-naïve patients in a wide range of therapeutic areas. 

Potential advantages

According to our preliminary investigations its patient population is positively disposed to taking part in clinical trials as a means of gaining access to novel treatments. It has a well-organized state health system which is more developed than most of its neighbouring states in Central Asia. In addition, it has a pool of highly skilled medical professionals, working for national SRI and clinics of medical institutes, with strong research experience. There is potential for significant cost savings for example in relation to investigator fees in comparison to European and US locations. Fast start-up timelines estimated at approximately one month.

An emerging clinical research sector

At present there is a low level of clinical research activity (13 clinical trials initiated between Jan, 2018 and Jan, 2021 according to in this former Soviet state. However, there is evidence of growth in the sector albeit from a very low base. Since 2018, Uzbekistan has been a location in a large-scale multi-country country study into multi-drug resistant T.B led by Medicines Sans Frontiers. Cromos Pharma looks forward to successfully completing this study and exploring further the potential of Uzbekistan.

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