Celebrating women's contribution to clinical research

Celebrating women’s contribution to clinical research

On this International Women’s Day, Cromos Pharma celebrates “Remarkable Women in Research”. Throughout history women have made pioneering contributions clinical research. Today we celebrate just some of these trailblazers. Click here to read our International Women’s Day 2022 publication.

Cromos Pharma committed to gender equality

At Cromos Pharma we are proud of the role women play within our company and pleased to support career development for women in clinical research: 

  • 49% of all our staff is women 
  • 62% of these women hold top management and leadership positions in our company 
  • 62% of our clinical operation staff are women

We recognize and celebrate the tremendous contribution of women not only to our own company but also to the entire life science industry and the clinical trials sector. 

We are committed to creating a working environment that promotes equality of opportunity, gender equality, and career advancement through continuous training and education programs and professional development programs.



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