Cromos Pharma celebrates Cancer Survivors Month

Cromos Pharma celebrates Cancer Survivors Month

The number of cancer survivors is rising worldwide, due to advances in early detection and treatment as well as the aging of the world’s population. In 2018, there were approximately 43.8 million cancer survivors diagnosed within the previous 5 years. This June Cromos Pharma is celebrating #CancerSurvivorMonth by remembering all those who are currently going through their cancer journey as well as those who have survived. 

Clinical research vital to our understanding of cancers

Clinical research is vital to finding better ways to detect, diagnose and effectively treat all types of cancer. Over the past several decades research has helped us to learn more about cancers including genetic aspects of the disease.  

The latest technologies have greatly improved imaging and diagnostic tools and screening methods which are so important for catching this disease earlier when it is most treatable and helping to improve survival rates.  

In addition, surgery, chemotherapy and immunotherapy have prolonged and, in many cases, saved the lives of many affected by cancer. The search continues for more effective treatments with many therapies currently in clinical trials focused on immunotherapy and genomic biomarkers and vaccines. 

Our commitment to patients with cancer

At Cromos Pharma we are committed to supporting our clients to develop innovative and effective treatments for all types of cancer to save and prolong the lives of patients. We have nearly two decades of experience in managing all aspects of oncology clinical trials. 

Experts in all phases of clinical trials, we have a strong track record in a wide range of studies including bioequivalence studies, biologics and biosimilars. 

Oncology regional expertise in CEE and CIS

Our regional expertise in high recruiting locations across Central and Eastern Europe and CIS is unparalleled. Our team has in depth knowledge of regulatory systems across our regions as well as established relationships with highly skilled clinical professionals to ensure efficient patient recruitment and expedited timelines for oncology clinical trials.

Celebrating cancer survivors

Our very first clinical trial was in oncology, and we are proud to continue to play our part in the fight against cancer. This June we celebrate all those who have survived cancer and remember the millions currently living with it. 

Read an inspirational story of Arlene a colorectal cancer survivor here.

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