Cromos Pharma celebrates International Children's Day 2021

Cromos Pharma celebrates International Children’s Day 2021

June 1st is International Children’s Day. It’s a day to celebrate children who make up about 27% of the world’s population. On this day we also remember the health breakthroughs which have occurred over the last few decades including routine childhood vaccinations, new treatments for childhood cancers and campaigns based on research such as “back to sleep” which dramatically reduced SIDS deaths.

59% reduction in under-5 mortality

Substantial progress has been made in child health and since 1990, the global under-5 mortality rate has dropped by 59%, from 93 deaths per 1,000 live births in 1990 to 38 in 2019 (WHO). Today we wish for even greater progress especially in developing nations so that each child can have an equal opportunity to fulfil their potential and secure our future.

Supporting clinical research to improve child health outcomes

Cromos Pharma is committed to playing its part in supporting vital clinical research in paediatrics to improve the lives of the next generation.

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