Cromos Pharma celebrates International Clinical Trials Day 2020

Cromos Pharma celebrates International Clinical Trials Day 2020

On International Clinical Trials Day 2020, we take time out to recognize the immense efforts of those who participate in and conduct clinical research.

Clinical Trials Day was established to commemorate the day that James Lind began the first randomized clinical trial in 1747.

It gives the industry and research professionals an opportunity to share the success stories of clinical research in developing medical breakthroughs that save and change lives all over the world.

It also gives us a chance to pay tribute to everyone who makes these breakthroughs possible from patients to PIs and site staff to healthcare workers.

Thank you to every volunteer

In Cromos Pharma’s 15 years in clinical research over 15,000 volunteers have taken part in our trials across the 15 countries we work in. We celebrate these volunteers whose courage and sacrifice help turn research into reality.

Thank you to PI’s, site staff and all support staff

The success of clinical trials depends on the efforts of many – the focus and determination of PIs, the commitment of site staff and everyone who plays their part in conducting trials. 

Thank you to all healthcare staff

At this especially difficult time during the COVID-19 pandemic, Cromos Pharma salutes all healthcare workers. 

Cromos Pharma is proud to play its part

Cromos Pharma is extremely proud of its work in clinical research and privileged to a talented team who go above and beyond to ensure the success of our clients projects.  



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