Cromos Pharma committed to delivering in the face of COVID-19 challenges

Cromos Pharma committed to delivering in the face of COVID-19 challenges

Cromos Pharma has been closely following the COVID-19 outbreak as it continues to spread across the globe. Our thoughts are with all those affected by the virus, the authorities seeking to address the public health situation and frontline healthcare workers caring for the sick.

We at Cromos Pharma are committed to protecting our employees and to ensuring the safety and well- being of the patients who participate in our trials, while continuing to provide the services to our clients that transform healthcare and improve the lives of people every day.

“We are implementing work practices to promote the health and safety of our employees, partners and patients and advising them to follow public health notices and practice good health hygiene. At the same time, we are working hard to ensure that services to our clients remain at exceptional levels and assisting them in every way we can at this challenging time”, says Dr Vlad Bogin, CEO, Cromos Pharma.

Cromos Pharma is carefully monitoring the situation and implementing business risk mitigation and continuity plans to ensure the safety of our employees, to maintain our service to our clients and do all we can to serve the needs of our investigators and their patients.

People are always the very heart of our work at Cromos Pharma and remain our focus as we face the challenges of the days and weeks to come. While employees may need to work from home, and face-to-face meetings may need to migrate online we will continue to deliver clinical trials solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations and help them to shorten the timeline from the research bench to the patient’s bedside.



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