Cromos Pharma Names New Head of Feasibility and Therapeutic Strategy Bulgun Margaeva

Cromos Pharma Names New Head of Feasibility and Therapeutic Strategy

Cromos Pharma is delighted to welcome Bulgun Margaeva to our team. Bulgun takes up the role of Head of Feasibility and Therapeutic Strategy. 

Skilled Clinical Research Professional

Bulgun is a well-recognized specialist with over 15 years of experience in pharmaceutical industry including work at AstraZeneca, Amgen, Novartis and Roche. She gradually ascended to leadership positions, where she provided strategic guidance and scientific stewardship. Bulgun defined and executed the long-term vision, including strategic partnerships and ensured the highest standards of clinical trial conduct, disclosure and data transparency in collaboration with Clinical Operations teams. 

Bulgun has earned a PhD in Pharmacology and has published several scientific papers on a variety of topics including interchangeability of biosimilars in clinical ophthalmology. 

Based in Hungary, Bulgun is passionate about the role of science and clinical research in discovering new and effective treatments for patients. 

“Taking a personalized approach for each protocol brings new inspiration and helps find the best way to serve the patients’ needs in a collaboration with our partners,” said Bulgun Margaeva.

Head of Feasibility and Therapeutic Strategy at Cromos Pharma

As a Head of Feasibility and Therapeutic Strategy, Bulgun will participate in the development of unique feasibility approaches for assigned therapeutic areas with the goal of gaining a competitive advantage on winning projects for Cromos Pharma. 

Another area of responsibility for Bulgun, is to be in charge of generating and validating study sites that are most cost-effective according to customer requirements and delivery timelines. 

Feasibility and Therapeutic Strategy Department of Cromos Pharma 

At Cromos Pharma, our Feasibility and Therapeutic Strategy team is focused on driving success across all stages of clinical trials by identifying high-quality study sites to accelerate enrollment, reduce costs, and ensure regulatory compliance. Our team works closely with customers to develop unique feasibility strategies tailored to their specific therapeutic areas and project goals, utilizing deep industry knowledge and cutting-edge technology.

Feasibility and Therapeutic Strategy team consist of skilled professionals with strong background and experience in different Pharma and Biotech companies. 

We are delighted to welcome Bulgun in our team. We wish Bulgun lots of professional success in her new role!

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