Cromos Pharma's Patient Portal now available in multiple languages

Cromos Pharma’s Patient Portal now available in multiple languages

As part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring patients are well informed about their role in the clinical trials process, Cromos Pharma has translated its patient information into multiple languages. At our patients portal, you will now find this information in English, Polish, Georgian, Czech, and Hungarian. You can access our patient portal here.

Being a participant in a clinical trial

The aim of this is to ensure that patients across our regions of expertise can easily access and understand vital information about what is involved in becoming a clinical trial participant. It includes the answers to common questions about how to become involved in a clinical trial, informed consent, how your treatment may change in a clinical trial, what is involved in being a participant and important questions to ask when considering a clinical trial.

Cromos Pharma putting patients first

Patients are our main concern and their safety and well-being always comes first. An important part of ensuring this is that they have all the information they need when becoming a participant in a clinical trial managed by Cromos Pharma. Cromos Pharma has over 18 years of experience in managing all aspects of clinical trials across all phases and in a wide range of therapeutic areas. Our expertise and in-depth knowledge of Central and Eastern Europe allows us to efficiently recruit patients for international pharma and biotech sponsors and to meet enrollment timelines as well as ensuring patient retention throughout our trials.

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