Cromos Pharma supporting World Immunization Week

Cromos Pharma supporting World Immunization Week

We are living through extraordinary times when many millions of us are playing our part in slowing the spread of COVID-19 by staying home. At this very moment, thousands of researchers are racing to findan effective vaccine to help defeat thisvirus hich has claimed the lives of so many and changed the way we live in the last few months.

The current crisis demonstrates the value of vaccines and how they have become some of the most powerful weapons we have against a range of deadly diseases. Vaccines save millions of lives every year and have transformed our societies reducing infant mortality and allowing our children to survive and thrive.

We at Cromos Pharma recognise the immense role vaccines have played in defeating some of the most feared diseases from smallpox to polio. However, vaccines are only effective if access to them and uptake of them is maintained and promoted. 

Cromos Pharma supports the efforts of WHO during World Immunization Week 2020 and salutes all those involved in the development, administration and promotion of vaccines all over the world.



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