Top 5 reasons to locate your next clinical trial in Hungary

Top 5 reasons to locate your next clinical trial in Hungary

Hungary is placed 10th worldwide in terms of the number of trials conducted in the country and 4th in Europe (based on population-proportional patient numbers). Each year approximately 20,000 patients participate in clinical trials. Cromos Pharma established its office in Budapest, Hungary in 2016.

5 Top Reasons to Choose Hungary

  • An EU member state, Hungary has a centralized health system which assists rapid patient recruitment.
  • It has a clear regulatory process and authorities that have been working to improve efficiencies resulting in quick approval periods and expedited timelines.
  • The country has a large pool of highly skilled and motivated medical professionals.
  • Hungary offers excellent recruitment potential across a wide range of therapeutic areas especially for multi-country trials.
  • Hungary has an excellent track record of producing high quality data as confirmed by positive inspection records from the FDA and EMA.

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