Watch Cromos Pharma explain the benefits of locating your clinical trial in Central and Eastern Europe

Why are Central and Eastern Europe the hottest locations for clinical trials? Cromos Pharma’s CEO Vlad Bogin, MD, FACP answers this question in a keynote given at OCT Eastern Europe this week (June 15, 2021). 

 Watch the video here:  

Learn about the key benefits on offer to international sponsors conducting trials in these locations:

  • Large treatment-naïve population
  • High patient recruitment potential 
  • Centralized health systems
  • Highly skilled and experienced clinical personnel
  • Motivated patient populations 
  • Strong track record of delivering high quality data
  • Lower cost base in comparison to US and EU

Let our experience benefit your next project

Cromos Pharma has over 16 years of experience in managing successful clinical trials in these regions across all phases and in a wide range of therapeutic areas. Our track record in patient recruitment is unparalleled. We combine global expertise with in-depth regional knowledge across Central and Eastern European countries to conduct clinical trials that meet timelines and deliver high quality data.

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