Cromos named top Quality Assurance service provider by Pharma Tech Outlook

Cromos named top Quality Assurance service provider by Pharma Tech Outlook

Cromos Pharma is proud to be recognized as one of Pharma Tech Outlook’s top Quality Assurance Service Providers. The latest edition which focuses on quality assurance features an interview with Cromos Pharma’s CEO Vlad Bogin

“The pharmaceutical sector is challenged by a series of issues pertaining to clinical trials—patient recruitment, ensuring the safety of human subjects, maintaining consistency and reliability in data, and reducing costs. Additionally, it is commonly observed that trial progressions don’t coincide with the projections made by the CROs, and hence, sponsors lose potential future revenues. Empowering pharmaceutical firms to effectively address these challenges and navigate the changing landscape of clinical trials is US-based CRO Cromos Pharma. The company provides its clients with quintessential services that help them reduce costs, shorten timelines, and lower rates of audit findings.

Quality central to every process

Cromos Pharma exercises a multi-layer approach towards quality assurance, where it identifies the specific threats and predicts potential recurring risks that might arise during a clinical trial. Considering that every clinical trial is unique, the company’s continuous risk monitoring is the lynchpin of its success. Cromos Pharma constantly assesses and monitors for threats throughout the trial, and it often doesn’t budget them into its proposals.

“It is the constant re-evaluation that really enables us to find the weak links within a clinical trial. Rather than being reactive to problems, we remain proactive and prevent problems before they can occur,” says Dr. Vlad Bogin.

No Patients – No Payment

Cromos Pharma upholds its commitment to ensuring the success of a clinical trial with its “No Patients – No Payment” risk-sharing initiative. While determining or suggesting trial venues, Cromos Pharma discusses the requirements of the clinical trials with the sponsors and assesses the technical capabilities of various locations and the specific procedures they cater to. The company simultaneously executes risk assessment programs and practices a strong visibility process by remaining upfront about potential difficulties. It then prepares a customized proposal and provides an anticipated rate of patient recruitment for the trial. If the sponsor agrees with the proposal, Cromos Pharma memorializes the recruitment projections in the MSA, and if it underdelivers, it is penalized financially—a scenario unheard of in the industry, which consolidates Cromos Pharma’s claims regarding quality assurance and management. 

High quality data from high recruiting regions across Central and Eastern Europe

Owing to the presence of large, specialized centers dealing with specific diseases, the company swiftly recruits patients without compromising the quality of data.

 “Some sponsors are still unaware that our data is FDA, EMA, ICH GCP compliant and admissible, and on par, if not of higher quality than in Western Europe and in North America. But for those who know, it’s one of the prime factors that attracts sponsors to partner with us,” continues Vlad. 

The company’s teams of seasoned and motivated experts, investigators, and agents forge strong bonds with its sponsors and become their partners to ensure efficient implementation of quality assurance protocols and seamless execution of the trials.”

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