Cromos Pharma CEO highlights opportunities and challenges for small sponsors at MAGI Clinical Research Conference

Cromos Pharma has successfully participated in MAGI’s Clinical Research Conference , Las Vegas, October 27-30, 2019.

Dr. Vlad Bogin, Cromos Pharma CEO, led the panel discussion “Clinical Trials for Small Sponsors”. He was joined by Kevin M. Crawford (Head of Clinical Operations, Tenax Therapeutics), Matt Dickason (COO, ImmunogenX) and April Weir-Hauptman (Director, InClin).

The well-attended and lively discussion centered around the opportunities and challenges that small biotech companies face as they enter the clinical development phase. Having worked for both large and small organizations the panelists had a unique perspective on the subject. They were well equipped to provide insightful comparative analysis into the differences in budget allocation, vendor management and the significance of reaching the milestones.

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Watch this video about Cromos Pharma’s 15 year development and growth.

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