thanksgiving message from clinical research organization

Thanksgiving Message

We at Cromos Pharma wish all our US clients and colleagues a very Happy Thanksgiving for 2019.

As we near the end of 2019 there is so much Cromos Pharma is thankful for- not least that we have reached 15 years in the business of clinical research helping clients to develop innovative drugs and treatments that save lives.

We are grateful to all the patients who have been involved in clinical trials managed by Cromos Pharma. We recognize the invaluable contribution you and your loved ones make when you participate in clinical research- you help to turn research into reality.

Cromos Pharma is also thankful for our highly skilled and deeply committed team – over 150 employees across our 15 sites.

As we look to expand into new markets, we are grateful to our team, all our clients and patients who have chosen to work with us and look forward to expanding our international client bases in the EU, US and Asia.

Cromos Pharma wishes you and your loved ones a healthy and joyful Thanksgiving this Holiday Season!

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